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Subject: Science: Natural & Physical

Underwater World for Kids Series

Oceans are incredible and incredibly important! They cover 71% of the Earth's surface and contain 97% of our planet's water; they play a vital role in climate and weather; they are key to transportation and recreation, and they certainly may hold cures to many diseases, especially since more than 95% of the underwater Click for more

Episode 11: Batfish, Saving Sharks, Sea Turtles, Regulator

Episode 11: Batfish, Saving Sharks, Sea Turtles, Regulator

The term Batfish is used for many different fishes; it is also occasionally used for species belonging to other families; they are also referred to as Spadefish. All these different names make it hard to identify species as many have many names. Scientists use very long names to catalog species of animals; they are hard to pronounce but are definite in identification. Here we define some of the Batfish species. It's devastating to think that we humans may cause the extinction of sharks; they are in urgent need of protection. Sharks are hunted by humans for food, vitamins, jewels and other products; they are also the victims of Finning, which is when sharks are fished just for their dorsal, cordal and pectoral fins; the rest of the shark is then wasted and tossed back into the sea. We take a look at Sea Turtles, a fascinating sea creature. The PADI Seal team realizes the importance of a working regulator. 2013 IJS 30 min.

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