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Subject: Arts: Instruction & How-to

Hands On Crafts for Kids 13: Crafts Around the World

This series features host Candie Cooper, who invites us to travel around the world and experience through the joy of making crafts the culture, arts and traditions that make the world unique. Produced by Katherine Stull, Inc. Closed-captioned.
Total Programs in Series: 13 x 30 minutes
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13. Scotland (cc)

13. Scotland (cc)

Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom and is located west of the European main land. The country is known for inventions and a respect for learning. Today's crafts honor the country's heritage and important contributions to the world market. Scotland is the home to many castles; we'll learn a little bit about castle construction and create our own castle keep. Towers or keeps were used to defend a castle. Many are round though they can also be other shapes. If they were part of a town wall or the outer ring of a castle, they might be open in the back. The first project is a keep is in honor of Inverness Castle overlooking River Ness in Inverness, Scotland. Then, we create fingerless gloves made from wool. Crofts or small farms are all over Scotland. In parts of the highlands, sheep farms are very popular. Wool is an important part of the economy for yarn and fabric. The next project is a tartan pillow with chosen clan colors. Because the land is rough, people in Scotland were separated into clans. Each clan has its own chief and all of the members have a common ancestor. Each clan has its own colorful pattern or tartan for weaving cloth. Finally, we take a Celtic design and create a woven design. The original inhabitants of the Scottish highlands were of Celtic descent. Celtic is an ancient language that is again becoming more popular with many symbols or letters featured in Scottish jewelry and crafts. 2011/CC Closed-Captioned PI 30 min.

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