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Subject: Science: Natural & Physical

Eyes on Science Series

CINE Golden Eagle Award
Gold Chris Award
-Columbus IFF

"Highly Recommended. An excellent change of pace introduction to new science topics. Each program will pique the interest of viewers and encourage additional research." -School Library Journal
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Eyes on Science Series, Parts 1 - 5

Eyes on Science Series, Parts 1 - 5

A combined version of 1. Food and Milk; 2. Food and Water; 3. Man-Made Wonders; 4. Natural Wonders, and 5. Gold and Money is available.
1. Food and Milk
"Chocolate" - If you're a chocolate worshipper, this factory in Switzerland will be your idea of heaven. "Donut" - Hot, glazed donuts. At this Krispy Kreme store in Virginia, more than 7,000 dozen donuts are made per day, with perfect timing for the best melt-in-your-mouth taste. "Ice Cream" - Did you ever dream of being an ice cream flavor tester? That's the tough job some people get stuck with at this factory in Vermont. "Milk" - Got milk? You will, thanks to this dairy farm in Virginia, where hard working cows provide milk for thousands of people. "Sugar" - Experience the sweet life at a Mauritius plantation where sugarcane is cut, pressed, processed, packaged and shipped to the world.
2. Food and Water
"Asparagus" - It's not "Jack and the Beanstalk," but the asparagus in one Peruvian valley is growing at the astounding rate of one inch every three hours. "Baking Noodles" - Let's go to a Bangkok noodle factory where flour, water, starch, and salt are blended, beaten, rolled, twisted, scrunched and sliced by exquisite machines. Wonderful soup noodles are the delicious result. "Fish Market" - You have to get up early to get the best tuna at the Tokyo fish market, where experts reveal the secret to selecting the premium fish. "Livestock Auction" - Anyone in the market for a new hog, rabbit, or steer? Then there's no place better than this livestock auction in North Dakota, where young wranglers present their animal's best side for sale to savvy buyers. "Water" - Where does drinking water come from? In Buenos Aires, Argentina, we follow the aquatic odyssey from the Rio de la Plata all the way to the consumer's faucet.
3. Man-Made Wonders
"The Bay Bridge" - See how engineers earthquake-proof California's Bay Bridge. 250,000 cars and trucks cross this bridge every day. Making it safe is a fascinating and important job. "The Hubble Telescope" - Here we join astronauts on the Space Shuttle "Discovery" for an out-of-this-world repair mission to the high-flying Hubble Telescope. "Space Station" - Check out the "digs" on Space Station "Freedom," an orbiting laboratory where scientists from 16 countries can conduct experiments while circling the earth at more than 12,400 miles each hour. "Speakers" - Speakers help bring music to our ears. Here a British manufacturer shows us how magnets and electricity combine to produce sweet sounds. "Watches" - Travel with us to a small town in Switzerland where watchmakers assemble the "grand complication," a watch with more than 650 parts!
4. Natural Wonders
"Ancient Pottery" - In a modest Peruvian workshop, traditional artisans turn clay pots, just like their ancestors did. These exquisite ceramics are then sold at elegant boutiques around the world. "Orphan Elephants" - Deep in a Sri Lankan jungle, baby elephants are coddled at the Pinnawela Orphanage. There in the palm groves, they frolic, play and drink a ton of milk. "Newspaper" - At a printing press near Washington, D.C., robots shuffle huge rolls of recycled paper to giant machines that print more than 65,000 newspapers an hour. Come along for the tour, but watch your fingers! "Rescue Dog Training" - See how a Los Angeles, California, Fire and Rescue worker trains his dog to use its incredible sense of smell to recover people caught in the rubble of earthquakes. "Silk" - Nature meets technology at this factory in Bangladesh, where silk is made from the cocoons of the silkworm moth.
5. Gold and Money
"Gold" - Panning for gold goes large-scale in this gigantic mine in Peru where truckloads of earth are sifted in search of treasure. Here we see the gold as it is poured, molded and stacked. "Money: The Durability Lab" - Is your money tough enough? In Washington, D.C., technicians torture dollar bills to see if they will stand up to our abuse. "Mutilated Money" - Trash or cash? That's the question in Washington, D.C., where extraordinary detectives examine paper money that has been damaged by floods, fires, or even just ripped up. "Quarters" - Here we follow a shiny-new quarter, from the artist's initial design to minting in Philadelphia and shipping to banks around the world. "Tokyo Stock Exchange" - Japanese stock traders shun the riotous frenzy of the Wall Street crowd with their own silent market, where discreet hand signals mark the action. "Yen" - Making money is an art in Japan. Come with us and see how the paper yen is designed, printed and inspected by hand. 04/10DE PIJSCA 53 min.

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