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Subject: Guidance

Nilus the Sandman Series: Learning Values and Life Skills

Trying to teach core values and life skills during adolescence is quite a challenge. With that in mind helping guide 'tweens and teens in the real world becomes a bit easier when they enter the magical and musical dream kingdom of Nilus the Sandman; here possibilities are endless and the laws of nature cease to apply. Click for more

3. Pirates of Pi (The Importance of Math)

03. Pirates of Pi (The Importance of Math)

Math seems useless to a young poet like Rhonda. Despite the best efforts of her teacher, Albert Ross, she just doesn't see the point of learning about Pi and other "irrelevancies of life." Bored to tears she falls asleep in class and wakes up in Nilus the Sandman's dream world, awash on a sea of numbers. Plucked from their rowboat desk by Pirates, Nilus and Rhonda find themselves in danger, until they discover these ferocious cutthroats can't count. To save Nilus from walking the plank Rhonda agrees to navigate them to the island of Pi; however, after having paid so little attention in class, the question is, can she remember the formula and save both Nilus and herself from the clutches of the pirate captain "Cube," who looks remarkably like her math teacher? The answer convinces Rhonda of the importance of Math in everyday life. 05/08DE PI 30 min.

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