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Timeblazers: History and More Series

"Highly Recommended. Each episode provides an interesting, engaging history lesson packaged in a kid-friendly format. Viewers can discuss what we can learn from history. What lessons have historical events taught us? How have things we take for granted today evolved over the centuries? Viewers can have fun looking Click for more

33. History's Biggest Mistakes

33. History's Biggest Mistakes

Alex (Stephen Joffe) feels horrible about missing a shot in a basketball game and losing the game. Enter the Timeblazers, Jen (Heidi Leigh) and Sam (Mike Ackerman), who work on picking up his spirits by looking at some of history's biggest goof-ups. First to the days of Christopher Columbus, who mistakenly named Native Americans, Indians, because the explorer believed he had landed in India instead of North America; then, 500 years before Columbus, the Viking Bjarni Herjolfsson sailed off course to Labrador, Canada, sailed back to Iceland and told Leif Erikson, who retraced the trip and is now renowned as the first European to set foot on the shores of North America in the year 1001. Next the Timeblazers head to the year 1812, when Napoleon Bonaparte thought he could conquer Russia. Instead the Russians used the "scorched earth" tactic, burning everything as they retreated, and when winter arrived, the French army of 300,000 had no supplies and in retreat lost all but 20,000 soldiers. Then they head to Italy, where in 1173 an architect built the famous Tower of Pisa on a soft foundation, which was the reason for its leaning; today it's one of the world's most visited sites. 05/10DE IJ 30 min.

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