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Subject: History

Timeblazers: History and More Series

"Highly Recommended. Each episode provides an interesting, engaging history lesson packaged in a kid-friendly format. Viewers can discuss what we can learn from history. What lessons have historical events taught us? How have things we take for granted today evolved over the centuries? Viewers can have fun looking Click for more

12. The Story of Communications: Message in a Bottle

12. The Story of Communications: Message in a Bottle

In Shakira's (Jasmine Richards) world, there are limitless ways to communicate - e-mails, pagers, faxes, cell phones. But even these fail sometimes, and it gets her to wondering what people did 200 years ago - or 2000 years ago. In true competitive spirit, time travelers Sam (Mike Ackerman) and Jen (Heidi Leigh) decide to put the old-fashioned means to the test by challenging each other to deliver a message using methods that predate 1900. But those methods of old turn out not to be as effective as they'd hoped. The message-in-a-bottle tactic seems like a good idea, but it could be a long wait before the tide comes in to carry the bottle to sea. It wasn't that long ago that to "log on" meant to throw a log on the fire to send smoke signals. There was the Pony Express in the 1800s; and those spine-rattling, horse-drawn stagecoaches. Then came carrier pigeons, the telegraph, telephones, the Post Office and overnight delivery; and to think, for most of history, there were no modern means of communication - but still, through it all, empires were built, wars were won, and continents were discovered. 05/10DE/CC Closed-Captioned IJ 30 min.

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