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Subject: History

Timeblazers: History and More Series

"Highly Recommended. Each episode provides an interesting, engaging history lesson packaged in a kid-friendly format. Viewers can discuss what we can learn from history. What lessons have historical events taught us? How have things we take for granted today evolved over the centuries? Viewers can have fun looking Click for more

1. Home Security: The Keys to the Kingdom

01. Home Security: The Keys to the Kingdom

Shakira (Jasmine Richards) forgot her key and is locked out of her house, which gets her wondering how the whole idea of locking things up started in the first place. Enter Sam (Mike Ackerman) and Jen (Heidi Leigh), a pair of globetrotting, daredevil historians, who transport Shakira through the ages to provide on-location answers to her questions. First stop, 40,000 years ago to meet two imaginary Paleolithic people, Oof and Org, who built the first known fence, for self-defense; then to the Iron Age, when people started to stake out their own territories; next to the 1200s when castles were constructed as the first line of defense for the town. In medieval England, Sam and Jen show how laying siege to a castle was very difficult and led to inventions, such as a trebuchet or catapult and a siege tower; also we see how protection gear for today's athletes dates back to armor worn by medieval warriors. Then we learn how gunpowder led to the invention of cannons and guns and rifles. In the end Shakira discovers things are a little simpler these days; we don't need drawbridges, moats, or armor to protect our houses, all we need is our key. 05/10DE IJ 30 min.

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