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Artists of America Series

A series of personal and reflective, biographical documentaries that provide the unique opportunity to meet nine of America's finest and most respected artists, to learn of their lives and to better understand their art. Series: 11 or 13 programs (5 to 60 minutes). Click for more

3. The Life and Art of Bo Bartlett: Heartland

"There are very few American artists whose work I find exciting; one of them happens to be my son, Jamie, the other is Bo Bartlett. They've got it, it's there; keep a close watch on their future." -Andrew Wyeth
Bo Bartlett painted for many years under the watchful eye of one of America's greatest artists, Andrew Wyeth. A protégé of Wyeth, Bo shared a passion and understanding about painting that bonded him to Andrew in a truly unique way. Though Andrew would never have taken any credit for Bo's artistic accomplishments, his mentorship was a constant inspiration to Bo. So moved by Bo's critical eye, Betsy Wyeth asked him to produce a documentary on her husband, which resulted in the multi-award winning, Andrew Wyeth: Self-Portrait - Snow Hill. In this equally stirring production, we are introduced to the life and art of Bo Bartlett, a classic artist who examines modern American life on a heroic scale. Subtitled, Heartland, and sensitively narrated by actor Terry Kinney, this biographical program explores Bo's life by weaving together images from his magnificent paintings, along with intimate family photographs, news footage and home movies. We see rare moments with he and Andrew Wyeth; also we learn how other important artists, such as Ben Long IV, Ives Gammel, Aaron Shikler, Harvey Dinnerstein, Ben Kamihira, Morris Blackburn, Sidney Goodman, and Nelson Shanks, have helped Bo define his artistic direction, which has taken him from his hometown of Columbus, Georgia, to the PAFA in Philadelphia, to the rocky coast of Maine to galleries across America. Like many of his paintings, here we see a beautiful, patient and moving portrait of an artist who paints what it means to be alive. Produced by Nancy Glass Productions. 08/16DE JSCA 60 min.
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