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Subject: Fantasy/Mythology/Sci-Fi

Spellbinder Series 2: Land of the Dragon Lord

"Highly Recommended. Like 'Spellbinders Series 1,' this sequel series is filled with excitement and adventure, but most importantly, both series promote the concept of teens taking on challenges, not giving up, using their imaginations and finding value in positive decision making." -National Media Review
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Episode 22: On the Trail

Episode 22: On the Trail

Ashka regains consciousness and uses the power suit to break out of the crypt. Kathy makes Ashka agree to work with them...they'll get the interface and Ashka can have the jewels. Sun, Aya, Jasmine and Gobbe's family are working in the fields. Jasmines' father is forced to tell the village elder who Sun and Aya are and word quickly spreads. Kathy, Josh and Ashka find Bain's shop abandoned; the trail is cold. They pretend to be their parallel selves and ask the parallel Carl for help. He gets Bain's address, but the house is empty and for sale. Kathy and Josh use the real estate agent to track Bain down to a yacht club, but don't know which of the many yachts is his. Roggar (Wang Ya'nan), Sharak's lieutenant, bursts into Jasmine's house and arrests Aya. He orders the house searched for Sun. Gobbo is shocked to discover that his two young daughters are hiding Sun. Will he give the boy away? 01/10DE ISA 30 min.

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