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Subject: Health: Holistic/Self-Help/Spirituality

Alive: The Picture of Health Series

The mission of this important series is threefold: about being healthy, staying healthy, and taking control of our lives. Each program features real-life stories and expert opinions, while focusing on prevention, healing methods and overall wellness. Viewers are encouraged to take charge of their physical, mental and Click for more

Colds and the Flu (cc)

Colds and the Flu (cc)

Colds and the flu are very common, but not something to take too lightly. Back in 1918 a worldwide epidemic of the flu killed 21 million people. We discover that most over-the-counter medications may relieve some of a person's symptoms, but not cure the cold or flu; so for most colds and flu it's best to get lots of rest, take lots of fluids, and, yes, eat some homemade chicken soup. Then we learn that, today, designated doctors, called sentinels, track viruses' movements and watch for any new strains of the flu. Information is gathered at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, allowing doctors to predict which virus to expect in a coming year; then labs develop vaccines to fight the flu and each year flu shots help save the lives of many. 04/10DE/CC Closed-Captioned SCA 30 min.
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