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Subject: Religion & Spiritualism

Understanding the Apocalypse Series

Religious traditions throughout the world have texts or traditions announcing the end of time as we know it, and in this series Werner Weick and Adrea Andriotto have undertaken the colossal task to tell the story, from the perspective of the East and the West, of the Apocalypse. Here we learn, by inquiring on our past Click for more

3. The Great Contradiction

3. The Great Contradiction

Life in the United States brings out many contradictions. Here the ancient ways of life of the Native Americans co-exist with the most advanced forms of technology, such as "virtual reality." Is Disneyworld, an entertainment park based on imitation, and an artificial environment, a vision of the future? Questions like this are contrasted against the sacred beliefs of tribes such as the Hopi, Seneca, Lakota, Suquamish, Tuscarora, and the Zuni. People who have always believed that all creatures share the same breath; that animals are our brothers; that the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth, and that the purpose of life is to seek balance, an equilibrium. Native American prophecies foresaw an artificial world, separated from nature. According to legend the legs of the buffalo represent the four periods of humanity, and the Oglala Indians say the buffalo now stands only on one leg, which begs the question: is there still time to determine a promising future for mankind on Earth? 07/10DE SCA 60 min.

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