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Subject: Science: Natural & Physical

Zoo Tails: Behind-the-Scenes Zoo Stories Series

Everyone, especially children, will love these action-packed stories set behind-the-scenes in three different zoos. Here we not only see many familiar and no- so-familiar animals, but also how they're cared for, what zookeepers do, the zoo after dark, and feeding times like you've never seen before. Each program includes Click for more

5. The Zookeeper's Job and Feeding Animals

5. The Zookeeper's Job and Feeding Animals

The eight segments in this program include: A Keeper's Touch - Zookeepers at the zoo get very attached to their animals, and the animals are often just as fond of their keepers, as we see in this episode. Playtime - Keepers often give their animals toys to play with that are safe and fun, such as boxes, phone books, and tires. But if the public throws things into the animals' area, like sticks and bottle tops, the games can become dangerous. Walk Your Dingo (Dog) - Here we go with two dingos, Harry and Opal, on one of their daily walks around the sanctuary, meeting new people and seeing new sights. Cavy Baby - Cavys are very good at sitting still and going unnoticed, but they can't hide from the keepers who have to catch them and take them to the vet. After an energetic chase, the cavys are caught, checked, and there is a wonderful surprise: one of the cavys is about to give birth to twins! Bedtime for Tim - Tim is a pygmy hippopotamus at the zoo, and it's his bedtime. His keeper calls him in for the night, but before going to bed, Tim tucks into a delicious dinner of hay. Whistle for Dinner - It's time for three fluffy little penguin chicks to learn to eat from the keeper's hand. With the help of zookeeper Paul's distinctive whistle, and some delicious fish, the chicks soon learn to trust the hand that feeds them. Sweet Tooth - At the zoo there is always an excuse to eat cake. Orange cake is a favorite with the birds, especially with a special ingredient - fly larvae! Owl Puppet - When an abandoned owl chick is brought to the zoo, the keepers have to think up ingenious ways to feed it. They want to make sure it doesn't become too trusting of human, and forgets it's an owl! The solution is a glove puppet with the face of an owl. 02/09DE PI 15 min.

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