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Hands On Crafts for Kids Series 7: Crafting in the USA (cc)

Learning to do crafts is not only fun, it's very educational. In this series we travel across every geographic region of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, to celebrate the customs, folklore and symbols of the 50 United States. Produced by Katherine Stull, Inc. Closed-Captioned. Programs available on 13 Click for more

10. The Southwest (cc)

10. The Southwest (cc)

This program looks at crafts historically linked to America's Southwest region. Turquoise Jewelry - Arizona and New Mexico supply turquoise. This ornamental gemstone is often used in Native American and Southwest designs combined with silver. Colors range from green blue to sky blue. Working turquoise mines are in New Mexico. Cowgirls and Cowboys - A true cowboy's job was to take care of cattle. His uniform was: a big hat for shade and protection from rain, a bandanna to protect his neck from sunburn, or over his mouth and nose to keep out dirt, and pointed toe boots to slip easily into the stirrup with high heels to keep his feet from slipping out, chaps, or leggings, to keep him warm, and spurs on his heels to make the horse move. Friendship Necklace - The Texas motto is "friendship." A necklace, which can be cut in half and shared by two friends, illustrates this motto. Lizard - Lizards are reptiles in the same category as snakes. Most have 4 legs with 5 toes, scaly skin; a mottled color, and are carnivores. The Gila monster is notorious for its venomous bite and large head. Southwest Clay Pot - The Anasazi people lived in homes that clung to canyon walls or perched on flat top hills. They worked with stone, plaster and sun dried brick. They created richly painted pottery with intricate animal and geometric designs. 06/09DE/CC Closed-Captioned PIA 30 min.
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