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Hands On Crafts for Kids Series 7: Crafting in the USA (cc)

Learning to do crafts is not only fun, it's very educational. In this series we travel across every geographic region of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, to celebrate the customs, folklore and symbols of the 50 United States. Produced by Katherine Stull, Inc. Closed-Captioned. Programs available on 13 Click for more

9. The West: Mountain States (cc)

09. The West: Mountain States (cc)

This program looks at crafts historically linked to America's western mountain states' region. Thunderbird - The Thunderbird was one of the spiritual animals for most Native American tribes. This symbol is still found in many Native American designs today. The Thunderbird is a large bird that produced thunder when flapping its wings. By opening and closing its eyes, Thunderbirds are also known to make lightning. Horseshoe - The horseshoe is a symbol of good luck when displayed with the open side up - it holds good fortune. It is a good symbol for the West, as horses play an important part in this region's economy, being the home to cowboys and rodeos. Relief Map - A relief map shows different elevations; so the mountain states were an appropriate place to choose to map out. Sand Frame - The dry climate of Nevada inspired this sand frame. In fact both the Mojave and Great Basin deserts extend into Nevada. Deserts are dry and arid though a common misconception is that they are lifeless. Many plants and animals have adapted to a lack of water in the desert; also temperatures can be very cool at night. All About Me, Scrapbook - The study of genealogy, or family history, is an important part of the Mormon religion, which has a large following in Utah. Genealogy is a big part of scrapbooking. Today, this is the fastest growing craft activity in the United States. 06/09DE/CC Closed-Captioned PIA 30 min.
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