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Subject: Science: Environment

Eco Adventures in Latin America Series

Eco travel and Eco adventure trips are growing in popularity as hands-on ways to learn about ecology and the natural world. This series takes viewers to South America and the Caribbean to explore, study and experience the environment in a variety of Latin American locations, emphasizing the importance of preserving Click for more

Feathered Fantasy: A Birdwatcher's Mecca

Feathered Fantasy: A Birdwatcher's Mecca

"Highly Recommended. South America is called the bird continent, and for good reason. 40% of 9,000 species of birds are found in South America. Southeast Venezuela is particularly known for its great variety of bird species and is home to several ecosystems. Some of the most unusual avian species can be found here, including La Baranquilla de Fresa (translated means Strawberry Ice Cream Cone Inn); the Capuchin, which sounds like a chainsaw; the White and Bearded bellbirds could pass for a blacksmith; the noiseless, but beautifully colored Cotingas; also the Scarlet-Fronted Manakin, Trogons, Toucans, Finches, and Flycatchers. One of the most spectacular moments in this breathtaking program is the coverage of a young Harpy Eagle, the most powerful eagle on the earth. The final footage pays homage to the ten species of hummingbirds found in this region. Spectacular camera work provides close-up visuals of the many birds, while good music creates an appropriate backdrop to the narration." -EMRO Review
The southeastern part of Venezuela is well known for its tremendous variety of avian species. It has several special ecosystems, and is the home of some of the most bizarre species in the country. The Tepuis (Tabletop Mountains), the Gran Sabana, the Sierra de Lema and the Orinoco Amazonian rainforest house many endemic species and is the Mecca of Birdwatchers from all parts of the world. Guided by an expert host, here we see fantastic birds in outstanding close-ups singing, calling or displaying its unique behavior. The blacksmith sound of the White and Bearded Bellbirds, the chainsaw call of the Capuchin bird, the splendid colored cotingas, the fabulous Cock-of-the Rock, the dance of the Scarlet-Fronted Manakin, ten species of hummingbirds, trogons, toucans, finches, flycatchers, flowerpiercers, and many more. Also we go to the Orinoco Delta in search of the most powerful eagle on the planet, the Harpy Eagle. 05/10DE JSCA 30 min.
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