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Subject: History

Human Contraptions Series

Best Animation Award -ATOM Awards
Academy Award winning animator Bruce Petty (Leisure) takes a satirical look at the "contraptions" that shape our lives. Beginning with a simple concept, he takes us on an anarchic journey through history as each evolving Click for more

Human Contraptions 2: Government, Law, Finance, Global

Human Contraptions 2: Government, Law, Finance, Global

Government - At its basic level the government machine is operated by people who get together and shout; then to collect funds to support getting together and shouting. Fueled by ideological steam, it has survived numerous violent revisions, usually in the name of the common good. From the brown-paper-bag-full-of-money mechanism to the one-man/one-vote unit, this segment surveys the various models of the great government contraption, many of which have been prone to breakdown. Law - It may have started as a simple apparatus to test sin and guilt, but over time the legal system has become one of our most convoluted contraptions, with a noticeable lean towards the financially gifted and a baffling array of attachments. Loopholes, out-of-court settlements, reasonable doubt, company law, at times it's possible to bypass justice altogether. This segment shows us the inner workings of this machine, where lawyers speak a different language and money speaks louder still. Finance - One of the first human problems was the sharing business. It worked fairly well until someone discovered money. Before long, they had a finance system - ostensibly controlled by a man known as a banker - connected to a new belief system. Eternal growth became the new deity, worshipped by a blessed elite, fueled by debt and the sacrifice of workers. In this segment we see the finance contraption starts with money circulating around a simple market tube for the convenience of people, and ends with people being circulated around a complex job tube for the sake of the almighty dollar. Global - The main problem with marking out territory is someone else doing it in the same place. This segment looks at the global contraption and continuing efforts to divide the planet, even as a worldwide info net shrinks the globe. The global machine comes fitted with a "race-ometer" for sorting humans according to the shape of their nostrils and numerous, refugee holding tanks, which are filling up while the fuel tanks are running out. 05/08DE SCA 23 min.

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