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Subject: Health: Holistic/Self-Help/Spirituality

Holistic Health Series

This series offers holistic health programs that promote well-being, integrating physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life as a balanced approach to a healthier life. Programs available on 7 individual DVDs, Digital Streaming Files or Videos; also in a 7-Disc Set. For pricing call in US: 800.876.2447/Intl. Click for more

Massage for All

Massage for All

Massage is well-known to relieve pain from a variety of causes, to reduce stress and enhance relaxation, to rehabilitate injuries from various sports, to decrease feelings of anxiety or even depression, and to increase a person's overall well being. This how-to massage program is suited for all type of beginners, offering a straightforward guide to simple massage techniques, which may be used with friends and family or to assist viewers who may be considering Massage Therapy as a professional career. Christine Presley and Hilary Kirkman, from the respected Bristol School of Holistic Therapies: School of Massage, demonstrate the basic principles of massage that will allow viewers to get started immediately; they treat two clients, Ms. Gilly House and Mr. John Counsell, who are covered with towels, each lying on a massage table, and provide them with a manual, soft tissue manipulation, applying gentle pressure to the model's bodies. Viewers are shown how to properly apply the massage oils used, and how to massage the skin and muscles of the body, including around the neck, head and face. Produced by the Bristol School of Holistic Therapies: School of Massage. 05/08DE SCA 50 min.
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