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Subject: Science: Natural & Physical

Animal Safari for Children Series

"Highly Recommended.This is an exemplary series, showing some of Africa's most common wild animals. The narrator's gentle voice and the straight-forward yet informative script will appeal to young children." -NAMTC/NMM Review
A series produced especially for children to give them the opportunity to get Click for more

African Animals 4: Ostrich; Cheetah; Rhinoceros

African Animals 4: Ostrich; Cheetah; Rhinoceros

Ostrich - Ostriches are the biggest bird in the world, but cannot fly. They have a long neck and legs and each foot has two toes. They are very fast and can run up to 50 miles an hour. Their eggs are big and heavy and their chicks are as big as chickens when born. Cheetah - A cheetah is a carnivore that lives in the African plains and eats small animals, mostly gazelles. It hunts in the early morning and late afternoon and can sprint up to 45 miles an hour. Its yellow fur and spots help it hide in sunny and shady areas. Its long tail has 4 - 6 black rings and ends with a bushy tuft of white hair. Rhinoceros - There are two species of Rhinos in Africa: white and black. Each have two horns and have a long and heavy head. They are herbivores that eat leaves and grasses and can weigh from 750 to 8,000 pounds. They have good hearing, but don't see well. 05/09DE PI 22 min.
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