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Subject: Science: Natural & Physical

Animal Safari for Children Series

"Highly Recommended.This is an exemplary series, showing some of Africa's most common wild animals. The narrator's gentle voice and the straight-forward yet informative script will appeal to young children." -NAMTC/NMM Review
A series produced especially for children to give them the opportunity to get Click for more

African Animals 3: Hippopotamus; Zebra; Antelope

African Animals 3: Hippopotamus; Zebra; Antelope

"Highly Recommended. The visual quality is excellent. The female narrator has a spledid voice, and it is refreshing that the program is uncluttered with special effects. Diet, physiology, habits and other characteristics of the animals are discussed." -School Library Journal
Hippopotamus - Hippos live in rivers and lakes, the largest number are found in the Nile River Valley of East Africa. They have a very big mouth with ivory teeth and are vegetarians, eating mostly grasses. Though massive in size they are very graceful in the water; also their eyes and nose are nigh on their head so they can see and breathe while submerged in the water. Zebra - Zebras are black-and-white striped animals that live mostly in the savanna of Africa. They are smaller than a horse, and have short erect manes, large ears and tufted tails. Zebras are herbivores and graze on grasses. There are three species of zebra: Grevy's, Plains and Mountain Zebras. Young zebras are always brown. Antelope - The Gemsbok is one kind of a group of antelopes known as oryxes. They live in groups mostly on the open plains of Africa. When in danger, they will defend themselves with their four-foot-long horns. The Waterbuck is another type of antelope, but with longer fur; also females and the young do not have horns. They are more solitary and prefer to live in dense forests. 05/09DE PI 22 min.

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