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Subject: Science: Natural & Physical

Animal Safari for Children Series

"Highly Recommended.This is an exemplary series, showing some of Africa's most common wild animals. The narrator's gentle voice and the straight-forward yet informative script will appeal to young children." -NAMTC/NMM Review
A series produced especially for children to give them the opportunity to get Click for more

African Animals 2: Giraffe; Warthog; Leopard

African Animals 2:Giraffe; Warthog; Leopard

Giraffe - The giraffe is the tallest animal in the world; their varieties are identified by their patterns. Giraffes eat leaves from trees reaching with their long necks and using their tongues that can be as long as 18 inches. Their horns really aren't horns, but bone covered by skin and hair. Warthog - A warthog looks like a pig or hog and has a very large head. It lives in the bushes and high grasslands and eats fruits, leaves and grasses. A warthog can't see well but has a good sense of sound. It rolls in the mud to protect itself from the sun and insects. It usually runs from danger but if cornered uses its tusks to fight off enemies, such as lions and leopards. Leopard - Leopards rest in trees during the day and their long thick tail helps them with their balance. They have yellow eyes with excellent vision and can even see in the dark. They are meat eaters who hunt at night and take their food into trees. Their long whiskers are like hands because they can feel things with them. Although in the cat family they are not friends with lions. 05/09DE PI 22 min.
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