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Subject: Arts: Instruction & How-to

Hands On Crafts for Kids Series 4: Around the Earth (cc)

Kids continue to develop their arts and crafts skills as they discover the many habitats of the earth. As with the previous three Hands On Series, each program has its own theme with at least five craft projects; each visits fun locations, like Disney World, Florida, and each profiles kids that use their crafts Click for more

2. The Rainforest (cc)

02. The Rainforest (cc)

Home to the most diverse and complex systems of life on earth, more than ¾ of the known species of plants and animals are found in rainforests. They are situated near the equator in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Rainforests occupy 6% of the earth's landmass. The rainforest is known for high temperatures and frequent rainfall producing a hothouse effect. Layers of vegetation are another characteristic leading to its great diversity of species. Projects Include: Toucan Candy Holder - All 37 species of Toucans are found living in the canopy layers of the rainforests of South America; and here we create a foam model of the Toco Toucan whose bill can be 7½" long in the wild. Leaf Print Floor Cloth - Trees and plants of the rainforest have unique shapes and patterns; so we utilize them to create an artistic floor cloth. Feathered Mask - Rainforest art reflects the environment and is usually functional. Masks play an important part because they are used in ceremonial rituals. They represent animals and spirits. Feathers have their own significance. This oil pastel mask evokes the colors and feather story of rainforest masks. Woven Wall Hanging - Bamboo and rattan (made from lianas or climbing vines) are some of the products of the rainforest. This project utilizes paper and paint to simulate the texture and design of a rattan wall hanging. Palm Tree - Palms are one of the trees of the "Understory" layer of vegetation in the rainforest. Our tree is made from paper with a surprise element - the coconuts are made from coffee grounds, another key product of the rainforest. Hands-On Project 402 - Kids help other kids through their crafts. 04/08DE/CC Closed-Captioned PI 30 min.

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