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Subject: Computer Science

Advances in Science & Technology Series: Computer Science

5 of 41 state-of-the-art programs from the Advances in Science and Technology Series that focus on Computer Science advances. Each program offers 4 - 6 clearly illustrated individual segments. Produced by London Television Service. Series: 41 x 30-minute programs.
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Technology and Education Advances

Technology and Education Advances

"Recommended. This program is important for teacher training and education programs and computer science programs. It is helpful for therapists and teachers working with children with serious disabilities. It can also provide the general public with excellent background about the newest advances with computer technology and the use many scientists and educators are making of the technology." -EMRO Review
"Child's Play" - new, inexpensive and easy-to-play clarinet promotes music making; "Electric Organ" - traditional pipe organs are being built with new digital equipment; "Computer Talk" - Talkmate, an electronic speech processor, helps deaf or hearing-impaired children learn how to pronounce words; "Talking Heads" - computer imaging and modeling is improving the interactive dialogue between humans and computers; "Soundbeam" - Soundbeam is an electronic synthesizer that helps uncoordinated and disabled children play music; "Lights, Sound, Help" - multi-sensory environments help children with disabilities develop skills of awareness and concentration; "BOLA" - BOLA, the most accurate hard-ball throwing machine in the world, will be used by various sport's clubs. 02/08DE IJSCA 30 min.

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