Chip Taylor Communications

Subject: Science: Environment

Advances in Science & Technology Series: Environment

9 of 41 state-of-the-art programs from the Advances in Science and Technology Series that focus on Environmental Science advances. Each program offers 4 - 6 clearly illustrated individual segments. Produced by London Television Service. Series: 41 x 30-minute programs.
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Environment Advances 1

Environment Advances 1

"Starfish Sentinels" - a simple and safe way to use wildlife to serve as a warning system for low levels of invisible pollution; "Frogmat" - a straw-filled mattress that can clean up oil pollution without harmful chemicals; "Bean Cleaner" - clean water, without expensive chemicals, for Third World countries from the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree; "Broad Flea" - the microscopic Dapnia, a water flea, eat algae that may suffocate fresh water sources. A natural solution to an ecological problem; "Chemical Bloodhound" - reports on a new generation of air- and water-pollution sensors; "Metal Plants" - Alpine Pennycress is being used to help clean unsafe, toxic land; "Clean Bugs" - fungi and bacteria are used to clean up carcinogenic wastes. 02/08DE PIJSCA 30 min.

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