Chip Taylor Communications

Subject: Mathematics

The Matics Series

"Highly Recommended. This series for children explains binary numbers and their application to computers. Each part contains various lessons in a colorful, animated format; each follows the adventures of Max Matic, an animated character who has set out to invent the perfect adding machine. Viewers must watch the Click for more

Matics5 & 6

Matics 5 & 6: Computer Memory; Creating With a Computer

A combined version of Matics 5: Computer Memory and Matics 6: Creating With Computers is available.
Matics 5: Computer Memory
Today, thanks to the invention of the microprocessor, it's easy to forget that the first computers were huge and ran slow. Here children see the Matics at first are overjoyed with their new computer, but eventually its huge size and limited memory make it too much of a burden. Now what do they do? Once again the inventive Max Matic rises to the occasion and discovers the meaning of "generation."
Matics 6: Creating With Computers
Now that children have been given a good introduction to how computers work and how they developed, it's easier to understand how so many tasks can be accomplished on a computer so quickly. Here they see once the size of the Matics' computer has been reduced their wild creativity prompts Max Matic to come up with the concept of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM). 00/10DE PI 30 min.

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