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Subject: Foreign Language: Spanish

Sports Instruction Series (Spanish)

"Recommended. Produced to encourage participation at all levels." -Ed. Media Review
A thorough how-to series for educators, physical education instructors, coaches, parents, budding athletes and future superstars. Produced by Imagen y Deporte & Chip Taylor. Programs available on 23 individual DVDs, Digital Click for more

Gymnastics Skills 2 (Habilidades Gimnasticas II)

Gymnastics Skills 2 (Habilidades Gimnasticas II)

Good physical coordination is a prerequisite to virtually any athletic endeavor. Timing, ease, and fluidity of movement are all elements of physical coordination that allow athletes to make the most of their muscular strength and flexibility and achieve often Herculean goals. From the power lifter to the basketball player, fluid, controlled, and coordinated movement of legs, hips, arms, and hands is as important as muscular strength in executing the clean-and-jerk or the slam dunk. One of the best means for developing essential physical coordination is through practice and eventual mastery of basic gymnastics movements, such as rolls and jumps. This program provides a rich sample of gymnastic exercises designed to help students safely and systematically acquire coordination skills, which can then be applied to various physical activities and sports. The program stresses the importance of learning what it "feels" like to tense your muscles, support your own body weight, and experience changes in your center of gravity. The program carefully explores each element of the forward roll, the backward roll, the handstand, the cartwheel, and the handspring. Students utilize a wide variety of gymnastic apparatuses in demonstrating a training regimen of diverse and increasingly complex tasks. By following the recommendations of this program, viewers will learn how to make fluid, safe, and efficient physical movements, thereby enhancing their general conditioning, athletic performance, and overall self-confidence. 01/12DE IJSCA 30 min.

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