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Subject: Foreign Language: Spanish

Sports Instruction Series (Spanish)

"Recommended. Produced to encourage participation at all levels." -Ed. Media Review
A thorough how-to series for educators, physical education instructors, coaches, parents, budding athletes and future superstars. Produced by Imagen y Deporte & Chip Taylor. Programs available on 23 individual DVDs, Digital Click for more

Physical Qualities 2 (Cualidades Fisicas II)

Physical Qualities 2 (Cualidades Fisicas II)

The first step toward enhanced physical fitness at any age is to establish a systematic, effective, and enjoyable conditioning program that addresses the following four factors: stamina, flexibility, speed, and strength. In this program viewers learn the importance of flexibility training in preventing sports injuries and in delaying some of the adverse physical effects of the aging process. Individual flexibility - the capacity for range of movement - depends on genetic as well as environmental factors, and more specifically, on the functioning of the body's joints and ligaments (static elements that dictate articular mobility), and tendons and muscles (dynamic elements which determine muscular elasticity). Flexibility can be enhanced through a regular exercise program that has both static and dynamic elements, is tailored to individual capabilities and goals, and is comprehensive in scope, systematically addressing needs of the upper body, torso, and lower body. Viewers observe student athletes as they demonstrate proper techniques for a full range of flexibility exercises (including pressure and traction stretching), as well as some of the common mistakes made by beginners, such as poor posture and bouncing during stretching exercises. Viewers are reminded of the importance of relaxation, full extension, gradual progression, and continuity in any exercise regimen, and of the specific role of flexibility in improving overall fitness. 01/12DE IJSCA 30 min.

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