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Subject: Phys. Ed.: Instruction & Fitness

Sports Instruction Series

"Recommended. Produced to encourage participation at all levels." -Ed. Media Review
A thorough, how-to series which will assist educators, Physical Education instructors, coaches and parents in getting young children and teens involved in sports and physical activity. Providing graduated understanding of Click for more

Alternative Games and Sports 1: Floorball, Indiaca, Funball

Alternative Games and Sports 1: Floorball, Indiaca, Funball

Floorball, Indiaca, and Fun Ball are three examples of how popular sports are being adapted throughout the world in an effort to promote physical conditioning and recreational activity for individuals at all age and athletic skill levels. This program provides instruction on each of these sports, to include material requirements, general rules, and basic playing techniques. The object of Floorball, which is derived from hockey, is to use a stick or broom to drive a small, hollow plastic ball into a three-foot goal. Viewers are shown the basic grip in Floorball, as well as techniques for passing, receiving, driving, and launching the ball. Indiaca, popular in Brazil and the Far East, involves using any part of the body or a plastic paddle to hit a slow moving shuttlecock, made of leather or foam and natural feathers, over a net. Indiaca's rules, scoring, playing surfaces, and team sizes are flexible, allowing for unlimited variations on this game, which is ideal for developing coordination and agility. Fun Ball, derived from the fast-paced sport of jai alai, involves using a 14-inch plastic "basket" to throw and receive a small rubber, plastic, or foam ball. This sport can be adapted to mimic basketball, tennis, or "keep-away," and helps to develop a player's timing, reaction, and aiming skills. Floorball, Indiaca, and Fun Ball are three inexpensive, safe, fun, and adaptable alternatives to more traditional high budget sports. 00/09DE IJSCA 30 min.

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