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Subject: Guidance

Teens At-Risk Series

A series of important programs that address difficult issues facing today's teenagers using positive situations and true and believable role models. Series: 9 programs (10 to 60 minutes). Click for more

Changing Focus (On Substance Abuse)

Changing Focus (On Substance Abuse)

"Highly Recommended. A well done, live-action musical drama about drug and alcohol use among teenagers. It consists of teens telling teens that they can have more fun and be more individualistic by not following the crowd to drugs and drinks. The format is a play within a play. There is dancing and singing; there is even a 'Just Say No' dance sequence. This is an original approach to a well-worn sermon." -VRG Review
What is the best way to try to reach 'tweens and teens about the dangers of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs? The answer is, the one that works. This program offers a true-to-life story of real kids wanting to help other kids; presenting a unique "Up With People" approach, using music and dance to show kids the positives of changing their focus on substance abuse. Here we meet a group of kids who've decided to make a movie for other kids not just about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, but also about how to have fun and be more individualistic by not following those who get into drugs and alcohol. At the same time we see the students in real-life situations, facing real-life dramas, be it between boyfriends and girlfriends or siblings in a family; we witness the strain substance abuse can have on all relationships. Beyond the warnings about addictions we see uplifting musical numbers, including Just Say No and Just Say Yes, and come to discover that when it comes to making personal choices there are no magic answers; each person has to find his or her own answer. Produced by the ETC Society. 95/07DE IJS 50 min.
Also See: Drinking and Driving: A Teenager's Nightmare; Kids 1: The Zone (Advertising and Alcohol); Kids 2: The Rave (Adolescents and Alcohol); VOX 4: Internet; Marketing & Drugs; Mendhi Body Art

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